There is a
desperate psyche,
Aching to hold,
Aching to touch,
with music in hands.
Waiting to
Open a new page,
a different chapter,
Of a solitary soul
To understand
The unspoken words,
The eyes and their depth,
Behold details of wrinkles,
To see melchonly in thoughts.
But there again is a,
Locked cage & a sign
That read
No Trespassers beyond.




I am maybe half alive

While I engrossed myself into things

That actually make no sense

I am maybe half dead

in peoples phonebook

But I am maybe busy

Making myself outshine

I am maybe invisible

To people who

Can’t care

But in me is a thirst

To drink feelings like wine

To care for things

Like my own self

To Enjoy Every little second

With Those I Can’t maybe


I am there, if you see me.




Dear You

It was so mesmerizing
Just having to see you again
Despite the years of constant talks
I missed having to walk by your side.
I had almost forgotten
The sweet smell of your skin
Despite your sweat.
Dear you
I should let you know
The eyes that make love to mine
Are drunken with thousands thoughts
Your fingers that touch mine
Tickled me down my spine.
The way you took care
Of what’s on my plate
Had left me hunger- less for years.
Dear you
Your whispers near my ear
Amidst the loud music at bar
Had me feel goosebumps all over.
The way u heard me patiently
Left me dazzled ardently.
Dear you
Do u remember the first kiss
You pecked on my cheek
Under the moonlight
Was it the view or the feeling
That left me perhaps, breathless.
The sweet essence still lingers.
Dear you
I miss those cozy hugs
Seamlessly given
In tears or in laughter
I looked upon them
As my cocaine.

Dear you
Where are you?


philosophy, poem, Poetry, thoughts


It is a long journey
And the desperation we barely speak
After long arduous wait we
live moments at stake
We close the box of unworn dreams
We walk straight as a regime.
With easy crooked roads we walk
Holding on things easy to talk
The labour we take
To construct many blocks
In our minds and in our talks we tangle
To ease and aerate feelings that we tangle
Are we a bud or a flower
A drop or an ocean
Who are we in darkness?
Where are we when stranded?
But here life is a kaleidoscope
With bits and pieces falling apart
Concluding in creating a mesmerizing art.


poem, thoughts

A Slippery Road

Image clicked by a friend at place close to Chennai.

Its a different feeling altogether
To be loved and to love
A human or a thing
Someone or something
Its your belonging
It keeps you sane
And it keep you warm
While you hold it tight
When you hold it long.
In calm or in storm.
The struggle isnt
the obstacles and stones on the way
The struggle isn’t
To walk despite the rain
The struggle is to pretend the smile
While you crack the puzzle
The struggle is the power
To untie the crazy knots
With many hidden within.