My Virtue

A creamed distress spread in my view
My feelings slowly brew
With Unknown anxiety creeping through
These viens, where should they lead too?
Spurious of smiles I wear
Cravings of ruined desires, in despair
Scalling through veins
I see it mould
Tired hopes and desires that should
Lead the way as far as they could.
I sit here on a broken chair
To save a fall, I prepare
To rise or to shine I stand
Disregard the broken ,I withstand


Ripped Feelings

A dreamer hidden in thoughts,

Reaped feelings that were always fought.

Things said and unsaid,

For relationship tied with thread.

A dream to break the cage,

Or rather grow in it with age.

Numb and muddled,

Life is stilled and soon the feelings will be guzzled.

Smiles are shallow yet broad,

A dream hidden in thought

Or a step forethought.

Once upon a time in the curious life of a coffee roaster

Absolutely loved it!

The boring bug

All good things come to an end, or that is what they say. The end of a probable beginning. The same goes for this. The story of the end of a saga. A story that almost began. The fall, the skip, the ambiguity. A time that indicates…

… a goodbye.

The two years of life. A thousand arrows piercing through with the soulless soul falling apart. The narrative of a lone soldier. For the life shall not be the same again. Not without the debates, the tea trails, the long walks, the chocolate room benevolent and coffee. Yes, a lot can happen over a cup of coffee, or that’s what I thought. Well, it nearly did …


It was a peaceful Sunday morning, I was back in town. Calm swooning over, the sun shone brightly over the clear sky. Birds swarming over the trees, squeaking to wake up…

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Hello, isn’t it beautiful?
The stars in the dark night,
The shores under the moonlight,
The truth behind the right,
The love behind a fight.
Hello, isn’t it beautiful?
The calmness in child’s smile,
Two lovers, their stare for a while.
The laugh and blessings in an aisle.
Hello, isn’t it beautiful
Just you and I.


My Little Girl

With tiny little toes and fingers,
You were blessed to us unexpectedly.
With days becoming months,
We now see you grow daily.

I waited anxiously to hear your blabbers. 
And then when you did,
I had my eyes smile in tears.

On my gloomy days, your smile widen.
Meant everything, for my life had brightened.
On days when you were no less than a storm,
I held you patiently I held you warm.

In no less time, you will grow.
In no less time, I’ll watch you walk
In no less time, I’ll hear you talk and talk
In few years I’ll see you walk to school.
But remember, you will be our always
And while I see you.
I will love you more and more
Until you are not little anymore.