Echoes of Silence

She has seen the world ending,
Every night, every morning.
She has felt her heart, weary less
With all the dreams of broken strings,
She sees those eyes,
With little less of her presence
That mislays her peace once again
And now as it slowly vanishes
She seeks comfort in her solace.

Maybe she is deluded.
With her thoughts and emotions.
Maybe she is embellishing
With the thought thats void.
Maybe the hollowness is creeping her out.
But in her heart, she is at war
More with emotions that
she has now perhaps, locked in a jar.

And now with these illusions
seated in bench boxed with all confusions.
She seems to be lost staring at the maple tree.
With past and present,
Memories and moments,
To be all it takes to seek out
To have a heart with settled emotions.
And a soul to be like the toughest knot.

(C) Freak_Sneha

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